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Printing to the Copier

Please use the copier for all large (over 5 page) printing projects and always print double-sided.

  • Install driver from the Xerox site;
  • Follow the instructions from the installation program, IP address is;
  • After installing, go to [Printers and Faxes] on your control panel or [Devices and Printers] on the Start Menu;
  • Right click on [WorkCenter 7346] and click on [Printer Properties];
  • Select the [Configuration] tab;
  • Select [Accounting];
  • Under Accounting: System: Select from pull down menu "Send User ID Only";
    • If you are sharing a computer, select "Prompt for Every Job";
    • If you are not sharing a computer, select "Do Not Prompt";
    • If you are not asked to input your user ID, select Accounting Codes: [Setup];
      • Input the code you were given by the Administrator as bothe the User ID and Passcode.
  • [Ok]; 
  • [Ok];
  • Right click on [WorkCentre 7346] printer;
  • Select [Printing Preferences];
  • Change "1-Sided Print" to "2-Sided Print"
  • Under Image Options, check the box that says Xerox Black and White Conversion (you will not be able to print if you don't click this box);
  • [Ok].
  • Go back to [Printer Properties] and print a test page.