There are three ways to purchase items for your research:


  • Purchase order/SmartMart  
    • All items that can be purchased through SmartMart (i.e. Grainger, Staples, Dell, McMaster Carr, etc) must be purchased that way
    • All items over $500 or that can't be purchased through other methods must have a Purchase Order done
    • Purchase orders and SmartMart orders are done by the Administrative Associate
  • PCard
    • The PCard (Purchasing Card) may only be used for orders under $1,500 that can't be purchased through SmartMart or purchase order
    • It may not be used for the following:
      • Fabrications
      • Chemicals or Hazardous Materials
      • Travel, or Travel Related Transactions
      • Conference Registration Fees
      • Gifts
      • Purchases over $1500
    • The PCard can be checked out from the Administratve Associate.  All receipts/invoices and the Pcard form must be returned with the card.
  • Expense Reimbursement
    • You may pay for the expense out of your pocket and be reimbursed by the University