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Scanning from the Copier

You may create a pdf scan that is sent to your (or any other) email. The network scanning is not yet available so it is possible that if your document is large it will be sent as more then one file.


  • Enter your access code;
  • [Enter];
  • Select [Email] from the [All Services] screen;
  • You can directly enter your email by selecting [New Recipient];
  • or you can search for an email (Stanford only) by clicking [Address Book];
  • Enter name or part of name and click [Search];
  • Select correct name; 
  • If using auto-feed, insert paper(s) and press [Start]; 
  • or, manually scan pages, being sure to select [Next Original], and [Last Original] on the last page;
  • Screen will return to the original E-MAIL screen, there is no confirmation printed.