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Woodframe Project

Number Title Author Date Published
W-01 Proceedings of the Invitational Workshop on Seismic Testing, Analysis and Design of Woodframe Testing edited by F. Seible, A. Filiatrault, C.-M. Uang 1999
W-02 Development of a Testing Protocol for Woodframe Structures H. Krawinkler, F. Parisi, L. Ibarra, A. Ayoub, and R. Medina 2001
W-03 Woodframe Project Testing and Analysis Literature Reviews edited by A. Filiatrault 2001
W-04 Woodframe Project: Case Studies edited by G.G. Schierle 2001
W-06 Shake Table Tests of a Two-Story Woodframe House D. Fischer, A. Filiatrault, B. Folz, C.-M. Uang, and F. Seible 2001
W-08 CASHEW - Version 1.1 - A computer program for the Cyclic Analysis of wood SHEarWalls B. Folz and A. Filiatrault 2002
W-09 Northridge Earthquake Field Investigations: Statistical Analysis of Woodframe Damage G.G. Schierle 2003
W-10 Reliability Studies D. Rosowsky and J. H. Kim 2002
W-11 Dynamic Characteristics of Woodframe Structures J. Beck, V. Camelo, and J. Hall 2002
W-12 Seismic Modeling of Index Woodframe Buildings H. Isoda, B. Folz, and A. Filiatrault 2002
W-13 Cyclic Response of Woodframe Shearwalls: Loading Protocol and Rate of Loading Effects K. Gatto, C.-M. Uang 2002
W-14 Anchorage of Woodframe Buildings: Laboratory Testing Report edited by F. Seible, A. Filiatrault, C.-M. Uang 1999
W-15 Seismic Performance of Gypsum Walls: Experimental Test Program K. McMullin and D. Merrick 2002
W-16 Nail, Wood Screw, and Staple Fastener Connections F. Fonseca, S. Rose, S. Campbell 2002
W-17 Seismic Behavior of Level and Stepped Cripple Walls Y.H. Chai, T.C. Hutchinson, S.M. Vukazich 2002
W-18 Improving Loss Estimation for Woodframe Buildings K.A. Porter, J.L. Beck, H.A. Seligson, C.R. Scawthorn, L.T. Tobin, R. Young, and T. Boyd 2002
W-19 Seismic Evaluation of an Asymmetric Three-Story Woodframe Building K.M. Mosalam, C. Machado, K.-U. Gliniorz, C. Naito, E. Kunzel, and S. Mahin 2003
W-20 Evaluation of Fluid Dampers for Seismic Energy Dissipation of Woodframe Structures M. Symans, K. Fridley, W. Cofer, and Y. Du


W-21 SAWS - Version 1.0 - A computer program for the Seismic Analysis of Woodframe Shearwalls B. Folz and A. Filiatrault 2003
W-22 Inter-Story Shear Transfer in Woodframe Buildings K. Fridley, T. Ryan, D. Pollock, & R. Itani 2003
W-23 Seismic Performance of Gypsum Walls - Analytical Investigation G. Deierlein and A. Kanvinde 2003
W-24 Seismic Behavior of Base-Level Diaphragm Anchorage of Hillside Buildings Y. Xiao and L. Xie 2003
W-25 Testing and Analysis of One-Story and Two-Story Shear Walls Under Cyclic Loading G. Pardoen, A. Waltman, R. Kazanjy, E. Freund, and C. Hamilton 2003
W-26 Seismic Demands for Single- and Multi-story Wood Buildings H. Krawinkler, F. Zareian, L. Ibarra, R. Medina, and S.-J. Lee 2003
W-27 Design Methodology for Diaphragms J. D. Dolan, D. Carradine, S. Easterling, and W. Bott 2003
W-28 Cyclic Response of Shear Transfer Connections Between Shear Walls and Diaphragms in Woodframe Construction S. Ficcadenti, E. Freund, G. Pardoen, and R. Kazanjy 2004
W-29 Design Documentation of the Woodframe Project Index Buildings R. Reitherman and K. Cobeen 2003
W-30 Recommendations for Earthquake Resistance in the Design and Construction of Woodframe Buildings K. Cobeen, J. D. Dolan and J. Russell 2004