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2020 EMI Best Student Paper awarded to Noh, Fagert, Mirshekari and Zhang

Congratulations to Professor Hae Young Noh and her students, J. Fagert, M. Mirshekari, and P. Zhang, who were awarded first place for the best student paper competition by ASCE Engineering Mechanics Institute (EMI) Dynamics committee.  Their paper is entitled, "Identification of Multiple Concurrent Walkers Using Footstep-Induced Floor Vibration Sensing".

The purpose of the competition is:

  • To challenge students to demonstrate high-quality scholarly work and presentation skill sets.
  • To provide an opportunity for students to receive recognition within the community, interact with faculties and committee members, and expand their academic network; thus, facilitating future career building for those who accept the challenge and demonstrate outstanding capabilities.
  • To increase the involvement of younger professionals in the EMI conferences, particularly in the field of Dynamics
  • To engage student members within the Dynamics Committee, promote further growth as future engineers, develop working relationships with Dynamics Committee members, and prepare them to take on future responsibilities within the technical community
  • To promote high-quality submissions to the flagship journal of EMI, the Journal of Engineering Mechanics.


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