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Blume Center hosts Seminario Latinoamericano de Ingenieria Sismica Basada en Desempeno

The Blume Center hosted a Latin-America Seminar on Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering on August 3, 2020 organized by former and current Latin American PhD students.  The speakers: Jorge Ruiz-Garcia (PhD '04), Cristian Cruz (PhD '17) , Héctor Dávalos (PhD '18)  and Luis Ceferino (PhD '19), and current PhD candidates, Andrés Acosta-Vera, Armando Messina and Francisco Galvis, presented their research in their native language on Zoom.  A short introduction and welcoming remarks were given by Professor Eduardo Miranda.  More than 1,700 viewers from 16 countries attended the event and nearly 90% of them watched all the presentations.

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