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The C.L. Peck, Class of 1906 Professor in the School of Engineering

Anne Kiremidjian

The C.L. Peck, Class of 1906 Professor in the School of Engineering
Kiremidjian’s research focuses in two main areas. The first is in earthquake hazard, risk, and resilience modeling. She works on structural component and systems reliability methods; structural damage evaluation models; and regional damage, loss and casualty estimation methods utilizing geographic information and database management systems for portfolios of buildings or spatially distributed lifeline systems assessment with ground motion and structure correlations. Her current research has focused on the development of time dependent hazard and risk models for resilience evaluation of hospitals, schools and financial instruments. In the area of time dependent risk assessment, she has developed models for damage estimation of deteriorating structures in varying environmental conditions.

The second area of research focuses on the design and implementation of wireless sensor networks for health monitoring of structures under every-day loading conditions, and the development of robust and computationally efficient algorithms for structural damage diagnosis following extreme events that can be embedded in wireless sensing units. The damage algorithms utilize modern data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence methods.


BA, Queens College of the City University of New York, Physics (1972)
BS, Columbia University, Civil Engineering (1972)
MS, Stanford University, Structural Engineering (1973)
PhD, Stanford University, Structural Engineering (1977)


(650) 723-4121
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