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Reliability of Marine Structures Theses

Title Authors Principal Advisor Year Published
Probabilistic Seismic Demand Analysis Using Advanced Ground Motion Intensity Measures, Attenuation Relationships, and Near-Fault Effects Polsok Tothong C. Allin Cornell Mon, 01/01/2007 (All day)
Vector-valued ground motion intensity measures for probabilistic seismic demand analysis Jack Baker C. Allin Cornell Sat, 01/01/2005 (All day)
Stochastic Characterization and Decision Bases under Time-Dependent Aftershock Risk in Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering Gee Liek Yeo C. Allin Cornell Sat, 01/01/2005 (All day)
Direct probabilistic seismic analysis: Implementing non-linear dynamic assessments Fatemeh Jalayer C. Allin Cornell Wed, 01/01/2003 (All day)
Seismic performance, capacity and reliability of structures as seen through incremental dynamic analysis Dimitrios Vamvatsikos C. Allin Cornell Tue, 01/01/2002 (All day)
Probabilistic seismic demand analysis, SMRF connection fractures, and near-source effects Nicolas Luco C. Allin Cornell Tue, 01/01/2002 (All day)
Stochastic load models from limited data: A general approach with applications to wind and waves Tina Kashef Haghighi C. Allin Cornell Tue, 01/01/2002 (All day)
Airgap analysis of floating structures subject to random seas: Prediction of extremes using diffraction analysis versus model test results John Albert Sweetman Steve Winterstein Mon, 01/01/2001 (All day)
Probabilistic seismic demand analysis: Spectrum matching and design Jorge Eduardo Carballo Arevalo C. Allin Cornell Sat, 01/01/2000 (All day)
Probabilistic seismic demand analysis of nonlinear structures Nilesh Shome C. Allin Cornell Fri, 01/01/1999 (All day)
Probabilistic seismic demand analysis Paolo Bazzurro C. Allin Cornell Thu, 01/01/1998 (All day)
Nonlinear stochastic models for ocean wave loads and responses of offshore structures and vessels Alok Kumar Jha Steve Winterstein Wed, 01/01/1997 (All day)
Near-failure behavior of jacket-type offshore platforms in the extreme wave environment Douglas G. Schmucker C. Allin Cornell Mon, 01/01/1996 (All day)
Extreme response of nonlinear ocean structures: Identification of minimal stochastic wave input for time-domain simulation Rune Torhaug Steven R. Winterstein Mon, 01/01/1996 (All day)
Probabilistic fatigue methodology and wind turbine reliability Clifford Lange Steven R. Winterstein Mon, 01/01/1996 (All day)
Second-order load and response models for floating structures: Probabilistic analysis and system identification Todd C. Ude C. Allin Cornell Sun, 01/01/1995 (All day)
Reliability of marine clay foundations in cyclic loading Knut Olav Ronold Steven R. Winterstein Sat, 01/01/1994 (All day)
A study of the nonlinearities, dynamics, and reliability of a drag-dominated marine structure Lancelot Manuel C. Allin Cornell Fri, 01/01/1993 (All day)
Engineering implications of asperity-induced ground motion Chu-Chuan Peter Tsai C. Allin Cornell Wed, 01/01/1992 (All day)