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Multiscale Modeling of Time-Dependent Deformation of Shale

Graduate Researcher(s): 
Qing Yin (
Faculty Advisor/PI: 
Ronnie Borja

My research revolves around predicting the long-term time-dependent mechanical behavior of shale rocks at multiple scales, ranging from nanometers to centimeters, using advanced mathematical modeling methods and numerical simulation techniques. To tackle with a complex material system like shale, investigating and modeling the time-dependent behavior at different scales separately help identify the similarities and differences of  spatial and temporal characteristics of shale. Further, a computational homogenization technique will facilitate the linkage among different scales, making it possible to predict the month-long macroscopic creep with a test on the submicron scale sample within minutes. By implementing the algorithms into a finite element code, I aim to bridge the gap between scientific research and real engineering applications.