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Printing to the First Floor (Canon) Copier

Please use the copier for all large (over 5 page) printing projects and always print double-sided.  You need to be connected to the eduroam WiFi network in order to use the copier.

Install driver from the Canon site:

  • Windows
  • Mac driver is included in your OS or you may not need driver
  • Linux
    • In order to put in authentication on Linux you will need to enter the commands on page 71 of the manual.

Setup information for:


  • Unzip file and open [Setup.exe]
  • Printer Setup - select Standard; Next;
  • Select Process - Add New Printer; Next;
  • IPv4Devices - iR-ADV C5 (IP Address
  • After installing, go to [Printers & Scanners] on your control panel;
  • Click on [IR-ADV C5535] and click on [Manage];
  • Select [Printing Preferences];
  • Under Output Method:
    • Select [Hold];
    • Click on Details - Select [Enter Name] and enter your name (please use your full name, no nicknames);
  • Change "1-Sided Print" to "2-Sided Print"
  • Under Color Mode: Select "Black and White";
  • [Ok].
  • Right click on printer driver, click on [Printer Properties];
  • Click on [Device Settings] tab;
  • Under User Management, pull down menu to [User Authentication]; click on [Settings];
    • If User Name is not your SUNet ID, exit back to [Device Settings]; Click [Settings] next to Set User Information;
    • Change User Name to your SUNet ID.
  • Check [Allow Password Settings], enter Password (six-digit code);
  • Uncheck [Confirm Authentication Information When Printing];
  • Check Perform Authentication at Device;
  • Click [Okay];
  • Go back to [Printer Properties] and print a test page.



Add the printer via System Preferences > Printers & Scanners

  • Click the plus button in the lower left corner to add a printer.
  • Click the round icon in the middle top of the “Add Printer Window” to add via IP address.

  • Enter the IP address ( Under “Name”, type a new name for the printer if desired.  Under “Use”, click, “Select Software” and then select the correct printer driver from the list. (Canon iR-ADV C5553/5540). Click add. If added correctly, you should see this.

Print Settings

  • Open a document you want to print.
  • In print dialog > Special Features
    • Under “Job Processing” select “Hold”.
    • Under “User Management” select “User Authentication”.
    • Click “Settings”
    • Make sure your “User Name” is your SUNet ID and “Password” is the 6 digit number provided by Racquel.
    • Uncheck the box at the bottom that says: “Confirm Authentication When Printing”.
    • Make sure that Options are set to Black & White only and that Print 2-Sided is selected.
    • Save your presets.