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There are three ways to purchase items for your research:

Purchase order/SmartMart

  • All items that can be purchased through SmartMart (i.e. Grainger, Office Depot, Dell, McMaster Carr, etc) must be purchased that way
  • All items over $500 or that can't be purchased through other methods must have a Purchase Order done
  • Purchase orders and SmartMart orders are done by the Administrative Associate


  • The PCard (Purchasing Card) may only be used for orders under $1,500 that can't be purchased through SmartMart or purchase order
  • It may not be used for the following:
    • Fabrications
    • Chemicals or Hazardous Materials
    • Travel, or Travel Related Transactions
    • Conference Registration Fees
    • Gifts
    • Purchases over $1500
  • The PCard can be checked out from the Administrative Associate.  You must return the card immediately after making your purchase, and the Pcard Expense Form (online) must be filled out and receipts uploaded within one business day.

Expense Reimbursement

  • You may pay for the expense out of your pocket and be reimbursed by the University