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Travel and Expense Reimbursement

STUDENTS: All expenses must be pre-approved by your advisor.  

FACULTY AND STUDENTS: You are responsible for adhering to Stanford policies regarding purchasing and travel and providing the Administrative Associate with the correct documentation and account number.

All reimbursements must be submitted within 10 days of the end of travel or incurring the expense, if your reimbursement is not received and processed within 60 days you will be taxed on it, so please submit them as soon as possible.

Online form for submitting your travel and expense reimbursements 
(Please do not bookmark the form link as it may change)


All Stanford Affiliates are required to book through a Stanford Travel booking channel for air travel, hotel, and car rental.  If you do not use Stanford Travel you will not be reimbursed, there are no exceptions allowed, unless they are preapproved by the School of Engineering.

  • Stanford Travel Booking Channels include EgenciaFCMStudentUniverse and United Corporate Direct.
  • Please click on the "Learn More" links on the Fingate page for details on how to set up your account (all faculty, staff and students already have a profile in Egencia).
  • Conference hotels do not need to be booked through Stanford Travel Booking Channels.

CONFERENCE REGISTRATION:  Must be submitted for reimbursement at the time of purchase.  If you submit it with your travel expenses, you will be taxed on it if it is over the 60 day limit.

  • Approved travel dates are one day before and one day after the event, except:
    • if the event takes place where you can reasonably return home the same day (i.e. West Coast cities);
    • AND the last day of the event ends before 5pm;
    • AND you do not have legitimate Stanford business after 5pm (documentation must be provided).
  • You must purchase the lowest price airfare within reason, i.e.  you are allowed to book direct or minimal stop flights even if it's more expensive.
  • Flight must be booked 21+ days in advance.  If you book less than 14 days in advance, you must provide comparisons of flights booked 21+ days ahead AND you must provide the reason it was booked late.  Tickets purchased less than 7 days in advance of travel require an exception request and SoE approval before purchase, contact Claudia McClure or Ryan Johnson to initiate an exception request.
  • You must include comparables of flights (a screenshot showing all the flights from Egencia (Stanford Travel), single source comparisons will not be accepted (e.g. a comparison from United's website when booking a United flight) when you submit your reimbursement, IF:
    • Airfare is booked less than 14 days in advance;
    • Personal travel is combined with the business travel;
    • Airfare does not seem reasonable.
  •  If the comparable is higher, you will be reimbursed for the full amount that you paid, if it is lower you will only be reimbursed for the lower amount.
  • You do not have to follow the Fly America Act, unless the travel is being paid for by a federal grant.
  • You may request an Advance to recover your plane fare before the conference. 
Hotel and Lodging Rate Maximums - Your average nightly room rate must fall below the rate maximums in the linked chart.  You will not be reimbursed for any amount exceeding the maximum.
  • At this time, separate hotel rooms for each traveler is recommended.  If travelers do share a hotel room, they must be fully vaccinated and masks should be worn indoors in shared spaces.
  • You must book the lowest price hotel you can get, preferably 3- or 4-star hotels, unless the conference hotel is a 5-star hotel.
  • If you arrive early or stay later, Stanford will only reimburse you for the days of the conference.
  • Choose the lowest standard room rate available.
  • No incidental expenses will be reimbursed (if you can make a case for internet access then you can possibly be reimbursed for that).
  • No overnight stay is allowed when traveling 50 miles or less each way from Stanford or home.
  • Meals will be reimbursed per diem only.  You must include a Conference schedule that shows which meals were provided. If meals were provided by the conference, the same meals are not eligible for direct reimbursement or per diem.
  • Include itemized car rental agreement for a car rental expense.  
  • Stanford carries a blanket car rental insurance policy for business travelers.  Do not accept any other insurance.  
  • Prorated cost of car rental during personal days must be deducted from reimbursable expenses.

You MUST have all the following, if applicable, before filling out the Expense Reimbursement form:
  • [ALL EXPENSES] A valid account number (PTA), i.e. 1111111-1-AAAAA. If you do not know the account number please ask your Advisor. 
  • [TRAVEL EXPENSES] A copy of the conference program indicating traveler is a speaker or presenter, if applicable; and a copy of the conference schedule showing all meals that are provided, OR;
    For other business meetings: a copy of the meeting agenda or other documentation showing the meeting date, location, a summary of the business conducted, and a list of participants.
  • [ALL EXPENSES] Receipts showing your name, dates, amount paid and payment method, e.g. Credit Card xxx-­‐1234.; reservation confirmations are not acceptable because they do not show the method of payment.
  • [FOREIGN TRAVEL] International currency: Foreign receipts must be converted to US dollars. To convert foreign receipts go to the Oanda web site. In the Oanda web site, enter date of receipt, or date airline ticket was issued for proper conversion. Include a copy of the Oanda conversion with your receipt when requesting reimbursement. In lieu of an Oanda conversion, a credit card statement showing the USD amount paid is also acceptable.