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Life at the Nexus of Emerging Technologies in Structural Engineering and Building Sciences

CEE 298 Winter Seminar Series
Greg Luth, GPLA
Tuesday, February 16, 2016 - 4:30 pm
Shriram 104
Trends in High Definition Building Information Modeling (HD BIM), Performance-Based Design, Multi-Disciplinary Design Optimization, Automated Structure Topology Generation, Design-Construction Integration and Risk Management, and Life Cycle Building Monitoring are creating synergy that may result in revolutionary changes in the design/construction industry.  This seminar will provide a high level qualitative look at each of these innovations in the context of real projects that are already designed and built or being planned.  
Greg Luth is the founding principal of GPLA Inc., a pioneering design firm headquartered in Santa Clara, CA., which is involved in building design and construction projects throughout the world.  Greg completed his PhD at Sfanford in 1991, where he explored new design paradigms in structural engineering.  Since then, he has continued to pioneer new innovations in design construction innovation.  He is a regular lecturer in project based learning courses at Stanford and active in professional organizations.