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Shah Family Fund Lecture Series

The Shah Family Fund was established in 1995 to provide annual fellowships for students in civil engineering; an annual prize for an outstanding staff member in the School of Engineering; and an annual distinguished lecture on catastrophic risk management and related subjects.

The fund is named for Haresh Shah, professor emeritus and former chair of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Shah, an expert on probability and reliability theory, also is a founding member of Risk Management Solutions Inc. in Newark, Calif.

January 27, 2022 Challenges and Opportunities in Promoting Disaster Risk Reduction During Community Self-Recovery
Tracy Kijewski-Correa, University of Notre Dame
March 3, 2021 Lessons from the Pandemic on How to Prepare for Climate Change
Alice C. Hill, David M. Rubenstein Senior Fellow for Energy and the Environment, Council on Foreign Relations
January 21, 2020 Reducing Losses from Catastrophic Risks: The Role of a Behavioral Risk Audit
Howard Kunreuther, University of Pennsylvania
March 13, 2018 Harvey and the Future
Jim Blackburn, Rice University
February 21, 2017 New Approaches for Tsunami Impact Assessment
Professor Tiziana Rossetto, EPICentre, CEGE Department, University College London
April 15, 2016 Urban Resilience for the 21st Century - The Perspective of 100 Resilient Cities
Michael Berkowitz, 100 Resilient Cities
April 16, 2015 Managing Disaster Risk and Resilience at the Community Scale
Laurie A. Johnson, PhD AICP, Principal, Laurie Johnson Consulting
February 5, 2014 Setting the Stage for Early Earthquake Alerts and Warnings
Ann Bostrom, Weyerhaeuser Endowed Professor of Environmental Policy, University of Washington
March 7, 2013 Earthquake Effects On Critical Infrastructure
Tom O'Rourke
February 1, 2012 Challenges For Attaining Earthquake Safety In Developing Countries
Sergio M. Alcocer
May 12, 2011 Buildings, Energy Efficiency, and Energy Management: The New Paradigm
Dian Grueneich
May 10, 2010 Protecting the World's Most Vulnerable Communities from Earthquakes
Arrietta Chakos, Reginald Des Roches, PhD, Brian E. Tucker
May 14, 2009 Building and Using Complex Models to Make Financial Decisions
Karen Clark
November 13, 2007 Catastrophic Risk - Past and Future
Charles Scawthorn
May 10, 2006 A Katrina Legacy: Addressing Levee Safety and Public Policy in the U.S.
Jeffrey R. Mount, Gerald Galloway, Carel J.J. Eijgenraam
April 6, 2001 Towards Optimum Risk and Reliability Levels for Performance-Based Seismic Design
Luis Esteva