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Using Computational Simulations of Urban Post-Earthquake Community Recovery to Inform Pre-Disaster Planning

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Graduate Researchers: Rodrigo Costa, Adam Zsarnoczay, Irene Alisjahbana, Chenbo Wang, Ana Moura-Cook, Emily Mongold, Jimmy Zhang

Faculty Advisors: Jack Backer, Greg Deierlein, Anne Kiremidjian

This project will develop a new generation of high-resolution computational simulation tools for disaster recovery simulation, to support enhanced and more equitable housing recovery. High-resolution simulations of the built, natural, and human environment (including household and company behavior) will be combined with mechanisms to quantify the benefits of resilience-enhancing policies. This will enable a holistic understanding of the community recovery process after earthquakes. The research will advance our capabilities to assess, before a disaster, the extent to which disaster preparedness interventions can reduce initial disaster consequences, speed recovery, and ensure that all groups participate in the benefits.

Project Sponsor

National Science Foundation


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