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Blume Center hosts SAP Evaluator Training

John Osteraas presenting at the SAP Evaluator Training
Blume Center Alumnus, John Osteraas, Demonstrates Vital Techniques During Seismic Assessment Program Training

In a collaborative effort aimed at enhancing earthquake preparedness, the Blume Center played host to a Seismic Assessment Program (SAP) Evaluator Training this Saturday. The event, organized by the Disaster Emergency Service’s committee of the Structural Engineers Association of Northern California (SEAoNC), attracted over eighty participants, ranging from seasoned professional engineers to Stanford graduate students.

The comprehensive full-day program, conducted at the Science and Engineering Quad (SEQ) at Stanford University, provided attendees with invaluable insights into the assessment of building safety post-earthquake using the ATC-20 method. Instructors for the training included Blume Center alumni Jon Osteraas (PhD 1990) and Francisco Galvis (PhD 2022).

The training session wasn't confined to theoretical knowledge alone; participants engaged in hands-on case study activities. They put their newfound skills to the test by evaluating mock-ups of earthquake damage strategically placed on various buildings across the Stanford campus, including the Blume Center.

By the end of the day, participants gained the proficiency required to register with the California Office of Emergency Services. This registration empowers them to collaborate with local governments, offering their expertise in performing post-earthquake building evaluations. The practical and theoretical components of the training contribute significantly to bolstering the region's resilience against seismic events, as professionals are now better equipped to assess and mitigate structural damage.