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Technical Reports

Blume Earthquake Engineering Center

The Blume Center has been publishing technical reports from our student and faculty researchers since 1975.  Currently they are stored in the Stanford Digital Repository and are free to download.  

Technical Reports and Theses

Reliability of Marine Structures

The Reliability of Marine Structures (RMS) Program operated out of the Blume Center from 1988 to 2002, leading advanced research in marine structures behavior and reliability. The Program combined post-M.S. graduate study with basic research in structural reliability applications. These applications initially ranged from the modelling of joint ocean environmental processes (wind-wave-current), through the modelling and analysis of the resulting hydrodynamic loads and gross responses, to the development of probability-based design codes. The research was funded both by federal and industry affiliate sponsors.



CUREE (Consortium of Universities for Research in Earthquake Engineering) was established in 1988 as a non-profit organization devoted to earthquake engineering research, education and implementation and promotion of public learning about civil engineering.

Many have received research funding from CUREE over the past 28 years and have contributed to the success of multi-year programs such as CUREE-Kajima Joint Research, the SAC Steel Project, and the CUREE-Caltech Woodframe Project. Public education projects such as the permanent outdoor exhibition at the Golden Gate Bridge explaining engineering have also made a mark. Due to continuing funding shortages for university-based earthquake engineering research, the organization concluded its operations in 2016.